Flip Your Script

John J. Schessler, Wellness Coach/Personal Trainer

Self-Care is important!

You know what’s great about self-care? You are finally putting yourself first, which is what we all should be doing from time to time! Think about it, if you aren’t right physically, emotionally or mentally, you’re of no use to anybody else. Men pretend all the time that they’re okay or that ‘they got this’ but in actuality, they’re screaming because they have a million things that they don’t know how to handle or what to do first.

Guys, take a self-care day. Go for a run, have a spa-day with your buddies (it won’t kill your masculinity) or plan a vacation by yourself to refresh. We’re not meant to run ourselves ragged all the time so taking that much needed time out to regroup and refocus on us is exactly what the doctor or trainer (wink, wink!) ordered.

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