Flip Your Script

John J. Schessler, Wellness Coach/Personal Trainer

Take your workouts outdoors this summer!

It’s April, which means summer is almost here. That being said, it’s time to get the hell out…outside that is! If you’re anything like me, working out in the gym all the time gets stale and stagnant. You want a breath of fresh air instead of the musty smell of the gym equipment? Well, it’s time to take your workout outdoors! The wide variety of exercises, venues and group classes that are available in insane these days when speaking of outdoor workouts and it keeps growing in popularity. Here’s my list for fun summer activities whether you’re flying solo or with a group of your buddies!:

  1. Hiking – What better way to build your muscles, lose body fat and clear your mind than with an invigorating hike! Hitting those trails are a fantastic choice for a moderate-intensity workout complete with awesome views!
  2. Yoga – This is a must for a growing number of people due to benefits that yoga alone provides but once you add in nature and scenery, it’s a gamechanger! So, throw your mat in the car, find a yoga group nearby and take in the peaceful and serenity of the outdoors.
  3. Swimming – Probably one of the best cardio workouts you can get, ask Michael Phelps or Tom Daley! Swimming incorporates all of your body’s muscles and really helps to sculpt and tone your body with the proper diet, of course. Whether you’re on a team or just doing it for fun, if you’re looking for an activity to really strengthen your cardiovascular system, this is the thing for you! Put on those speedos and hit the pool!
  4. Golf – Ahhh yes, the gentleman’s game of summer. It’s time to don those Under Armour polos, large brimmed hats and tee off. Golf is a sport that is both fun and mentally stimulating simultaneously. Golf is visually stunning and really helps to hone your hand-eye coordination skills as well as other mental faculties. Want a game with a bit of a mental edge? Get ready to tee off on the greens!
  5. Trail Walking/Jogging – It sounds pretty basic but the benefits you get from a simple thing like walking or jogging are vast. I hear from my clients all the time that they hate walking on the treadmill for lengthy amounts of time so I tell them to go outdoors! Walking on a treadmill as opposed to walking on gravel are two completely different things and if you’ve done both, you definitely notice a difference! Again, if you really want to lose some pounds while looking at the changing scenery instead of on a treadmill, lace up your running shoes and hit the trails!

These are just some of my favorite ways to get out, get active and get fit! No matter what your idea of a great workout is, changing the scenery from indoors to an outdoor venue is a great way to inject your motivation again and switch from stagnant to stupendous!

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